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White Papers
What is IT-Organizational Alignment All About?
Regulatory Compliance & Business Continuity Planning
Sprint Enterprise Application Messaging, A Reference Architecture and Framework
Sprint Enterprise Application Messaging, A Secure Messaging Framework
Making of a Successful Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA)
Engineering Reports

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development sponsored the following reports as part of State Project No. 700-99-0264 for the purpose of evaluating the impact of overload vehicles on typical continuous prestress girder, steel truss, and steel girder bridges using a 3D Finite Element Analysis procedure. The primary objective of this reference study was to draw some general conclusions about the impact of deck stiffness on distribution of loads to girders, stringers, floor beams, truss members, cap beams, and piles.

DOTD Truss Structure Report
DOTD Presstress Concrete Structure Report
DOTD Steel Girder Structure Report