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Technology Solutions

InQuest’s Technology Solutions incorporate a consistent methodology that should be used by everyone charged with evaluating and recommending technology solutions. Our methodology and tools help eliminate the guesswork from the decision-making process and restore objectivity. InQuest’s solutions help focus the decision making on business related issues, reducing the number of decisions that are made for technology’s sake only. We can work with you in ways that best meet your company's needs.

Our Solutions help customers increase the value of information technology for their enterprise by improving their ability to manage change, build consensus, and shorten the response time to changing business requirements. We can also help customers implement proven Enterprise Architecture Solutions. The Zachman Architecture Framework and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) are examples of highly adaptable frameworks that provide a catalyst for evolution and improved maturity of customer IT services.

Technology Solutions
  1. Business Continuity Planning
  2. Enterprise Systems Management
  3. Network Design & Management
  4. Enterprise Architecture
  5. Security
  6. Technology Selection
  7. IT Strategtic Planning
  8. IT Operations Management
  9. Mobility and Wireless Infrastructure